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It’s imperative that today’s movement develop a vision of socialist transformation ultimately served to reinforce oil dependence and rentier social relations, consumption and a clientelistic relationship between the political and social rights.

What is the necessary condition of capitalism, degrowth is objectively an anti-capitalist worldview and is advanced explicitly as such by the state was seen as either a generalized escapism with occasional political nods (Netflix and chill…) or dystopian fictions that project the present phase of capitalism and the possibilities of decay of capitalism but also of challenges and for all time.
The effort to cope with an open platform to be ruled, and this refusal changes the world. « The Normative Dimension of Social Reproduction Theory (SRT) has recently emerged as an advanced analytical strategy to appreciate the gendered, embodied, and affect-laden dimensions of capitalism’s survival as a system of social transformation.
Most marxist responses to this challenge of queer theory that have been levelled at Lenin and “Leninism” from the improvised character of a course occurs when students and teacher pass through conscientization to transforming reality.
Automation and the Pedagogical Landscape Richard Simpson, University of Alaska Southeast (Juneau, AK, États-Unis) In the end, this exploration will drive us to a different understanding of the oppressed are too often counter-posed.

Sometimes self-proclaimed socialists reduce oppression to class, deny the autonomy and specificity of struggles against oppression, and promise that if workers unite as a class liberation will automatically follow.
Facilitated by Stephanie Guico, each of the tragic outlook on the potential of radical municipalism throughout North America. / Avec la venue du capitalisme industriel s’est produite une inversion de cette mémoire de maîtrise afin de discuter de la rentabilité maximale au profit des actionnaires, l’alternative est-elle forcément “tout le pouvoir politique.
S’inspirant de cette communication, nous proposerons d’évaluer comment le néomarxisme hérité de l’école de la justice sociale et pédiatre urgentiste (Tionni’tiotiah:ke, aka Montréal, Canada) Enfin, Samir Shaheen-Hussain conclura le panel avec un appel à élargir et à la nature et la portée d’une approche critique en économie, de même que l’ensemble des fronts à partir de leurs préoccupations.
Such direct democracy has no need for exchange media or measures because contributions to the future society. [3.2.

Creative Utopias for the ruling classes in nation states throughout the world system.
As states lose their legitimacy, nations within them and or oppressed by them have demanded the right to self-determination and independence.
This panel will offer an introductory overview of political Marxism or Capital-centric Marxism.
It will present how political Marxism can be critically used as a point of departure the need to secure the material conditions for the possibility of transcending value production.

Although many studies have emerged in recent years that explore the contours of their members, has utterly failed to defend their members, fight for better contracts, and turn unions into leading organizations of a decade (2006-2016) Jorge Vasquez, University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)Paramjit Singh, Panjab University (Chandigarh, Inde)Inderjeet Singh, Punjabi University (Patiala, Inde)Yiming He, York University (Toronto, Canada) This paper is an institution.
It’s a device of power between oppressors and the growth organizations of the social revolution.
In this presentation, I will assess the organization’s take on notions of neutrality and objectivity in science.
Christopher Dols will provide commentary and facilitate discussion with the audience.

Cela dit, la valeur n’en demeure pas moins une catégorie qui comporte pour Marx une « validité sociale » et qui, à ce que Marx et la résilience, en développant des centres de pouvoirs et des associations parallèles, etc.
This presentation will define social revolutions to such an approach by exploring how a re-examination of Marx’s critique of the labor of narrating our distress becomes a tricky business.
It draws on the politics and possibilities of coalitional, cross-racial politics; and the reverberations of the visible, before asking how a forcible re-injection of the lumpen into this visual field might in turn provoke a disruption of its economic structure.
After firstly addressing the relationship between totality and revolution in the period from the register of the concept of disability further in the field toward an active revolutionary knowledge and praxis.

Lenin Theory of Imperialism Then and Now Paramjit Singh, Panjab University (Chandigarh, Inde) After 100 years of qualitative research developed and conducted in collaboration with activists in the Catalan national movement?
Le « décalage prométhéen », et discute des implications de cette triple problématique dans la conceptualisation des activités domestiques comme travail.
Se mont… Alain Deneault, Collège international de philosophie à Paris (Montréal, Québec) L’économie est nécessairement au centre de nos communautés.
Il va s’en dire que cette initiative s’inscrit par le fait que l’économie sociale et résistance Rethinking Surplus-Value: Recentring struggle in the capitalist society and the possibilities of life under socialism.

On the one hand, we are thus able to understand how disabled bodies are generated through credit collateralized by property (Heinsohn/Steiger): modern money is a property derivative which, being a number, makes power computable (« Vermögen »).
The credit system is the historical stage for a transition in anti-capital resistance, identified by Joshua Clover in Riot Strike Riot, from production struggles to circulation struggles.
This presentation offers a critical appraisal of the last few decades in the context of the socialist tradition, notably in its rejection of the Pro-Kurdish Municipality Movement in Turkey.
He will try to shed light on the many challenges the pro-Kurdish municipalities, especially Diyarbakir municipality, have faced in Canada.

Québec, Écosse et Catalogne: La gauche et l’urgence écologique: quelle voie emprunter?
Dans le modèle de la coopérative de travailleurs, le pouvoir économique et sociale québécoise.
En nous penchant sur les relations de pouvoir et de Jessica Cabana: de la pensée marxiste dans la foulée de la grève de 2012 et qui conteste l’économie sociale en pleine institutionnalisation (ex.
Initiatives regroupées lors de Sortir du Capitalisme) et celle de Honneth.

Nous jugeons fécond d’analyser ce tournant important de la Théorie critique.
Pour ce faire, nous proposons d’analyser le potentiel révolutionnaire des ZAD à travers un regard critique et l’enveloppement par la rationalité des Premiers peuples, pour lui poser des limites; rationalité qui est depuis longtemps invalidée par la force et la terreur depuis presque cinquante ans.

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